Christie Grace Posters & Email Template

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Christie Grace is a jazz singer based in British Columbia. Christie wanted a look that was contemporary, yet harkened back to the elegance of Art Deco. Fonts and ornaments that recalled that era were mixed with photography to create these posters, and then an e-mail template.

AVIVA CD artwork

cgmm2-admin Graphic Design, Photography, Print Design

CGM was asked to direct and design the artwork for Aviva Chernick’s 2012 CD, When I Arrived, You Were Already There. The original concept for the album involved evoking the spaciousness, earthiness, and intimacy of the music, using photos, handwritten text, and ragged edges. Photos from Aviva’s trip to the deserts of Namibia were used, as well as new photos … Read More

Matias Package Designs

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While working for Matias Corporation as the full-time Branding and Media Specialist from 2004-2009, as well as on a freelance basis before and since that, CGM designed many, many, many, many (!) packages for Matias’ various computer-related accessories — here are some of them. CGM worked collaboratively with the rest of the Matias team on branding, copy, and design, as … Read More