Jaffa Road Logo & T-shirts

cgmm2-admin Branding, Graphic Design

Jaffa Road is a JUNO-nominated band from Toronto that blends traditional Jewish, jazz, Indian and Arabic music with electronica and dub. What started out as a request for a t-shirt design ended up becoming the logo that the band would use on its album Where The Light Gets In. The design is a modern interpretation of the middle-eastern hamsa design, … Read More

Patchpoint Streaming Services Website

cgmm2-admin Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design

Patchpoint Streaming Solutions is a Webcasting and Webconferencing company based in Toronto. CGM consulted on website copy, designed the branding and built the website, and has worked with Patchpoint on an ongoing basis to design graphics and web pages for their client projects.

PGC Books Logo

cgmm2-admin Branding, Graphic Design

Publishers Group Canada is a book wholesale and distribution company. In designing the logo, CGM chose stately fonts and colour and solid forms to reflect their well-respected reputation, while working in both their “official” name, Publishers Group Canada, with their colloquial name, PGC Books.

Matias Package Designs

cgmm2-admin Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography, Print Design

While working for Matias Corporation as the full-time Branding and Media Specialist from 2004-2009, as well as on a freelance basis before and since that, CGM designed many, many, many, many (!) packages for Matias’ various computer-related accessories — here are some of them. CGM worked collaboratively with the rest of the Matias team on branding, copy, and design, as … Read More